Orange level Community Call


A 90 minute interactive zoom meeting which you can join or watch in your membership area on playback, with a related article and worksheet listing potential belief alignments for the topic in question.

The last Sunday of each month 8-9.30pm UK (unless otherwise stated)

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See below for the topics of each call.

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Online monthly connect, inspire and support.

This group space is about supporting you and each other to engage in this powerful change process. Let’s face it – it’s easy to prioritise everything else but that deep transformative inner work.  Join me and others online who value and recognise the importance of the inner work but need that commitment in the diary to make it happen.

The zoom space is a lovely way to support each other and get to know the Healing InSight community. My practitioners are part of the community and are also available for questions so I also recommend joining the free Facebook Group. You can engage, or observe, there is no requirement and no judgement, it’s all invitation. You will get an email before the call with a link that will take you to the meeting. You can turn your video on and will be muted to prevent background noise unless you choose otherwise to engage in dialogue/ask questions/share.

Upcoming Topics

Forming liberating belief statements – The essential, the necessary and the important beliefs.
Moving beyond fear – beliefs for safety and release of anxiety.
Moving beyond helplessness – beliefs and strategies for unsticking depression and finding empowerment.
Loving relationships – aligning with unconditional love and worthiness.
Success v’s failure – being the truest aspect of yourSELF and releasing rejection.
Addressing triggers and wounds – shadow work dive, allowing and releasing judgement.
Harmonising the masculine and feminine part 1 – healing the inner feminine.
Harmonising the masculine and feminine part 2 – healing the inner masculine.
Who am I? – exploring and embracing the whole self, hitting the void of pure surrender.
Releasing victimhood – personal responsibility, empowerment and the higher perspective.
Nurturing creativity – allowing stillness, inspiration, intuition and expression.
Our Christmas gift – collective beliefs for peace, love and harmony for humanity and the planet.