About Nikki

Nikki has worked in the helping and healing fields since leaving Leeds University as a Psychology graduate in 1996. She Chartered as a Counselling Psychologist in 2004 from City University, London and has worked in private practice ever since. She is a member of The British Psychological Society. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Psychology Practitioner of many modalities, Elemental Qigong Teacher and creator of the Healing InSight Belief Realignment Method.

Nikki works in private practice globally on-line and in-person in Midhurst, West Sussex. She facilitates workshops, retreats, and runs certified trainings in both Reiki and her own Healing InSight Method—her life’s work. This has, with divine inspiration and guidance, come together in a new energy psychology modality to bring about personal transformation for all who seek it.

The Healing InSight Method

Her healing journey

Nikki’s introduction to healing and energy work began in 2006 when both she and her baby boy were suffering with debilitating ill-health. As a result she has walked the walk and knows, from the inside out, the journey required to heal the mind-body-spirit whole – to restore balance, harmony, health and well-being.

The methods she learned during her healing from chronic illness (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) inform the work Nikki does now and she now shares, with heart, the walk back to love – the greatest healing force of all.

Her work incorporates counselling with spiritual and energy healing work, including particular focus upon the healing of the belief systems that we carry. This work leads to a freeing of the mind (an unplugging from the old matrix), the healing of the body and renewal of our lives and reality.

“We are here to embody our whole selves, become Divine Human and transform this reality as creator beings to that which is Heaven On Earth”. Nikki x

At home:

Nikki is happily married with three children and lives in the heart of the South Downs, West Sussex, UK.

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