Become a Certified Healing InSight Practitioner

The Healing InSight School has been recognised as a centre of excellence by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association) and therefore practitioners can practice with assurance and indemnity cover. There is also a system for your ongoing support where practitioners can access Mentors, or indeed become a Healing Insight Mentor as you grow in your practitioner role, perhaps to Trainer or Teacher Trainer level should you enjoy the Healing Insight journey and possibilities.

If you are practicing other complementary therapy modalities, or have had a caring professional role, then you are eligible to train as a practitioner. The method is a beautiful tool for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists to use within your therapeutic practice to facilitate deep belief change work, whilst empowering clients. For NLP, kinesiologists or reiki practitioners, this is a wonderful tool to assist in addressing the mind as part of the mind body spirit whole, in achieving emotional freedom and liberation from old mental patterns that shape our perceptions and experiences.

Course Details: Green-level Practitioner

The Healing InSight complete practitioner training is an 18 hour three-day course, building upon the principles and content learned in the prerequisite yellow level training. The 2-day weekend Green-level course, plus submission of three case studies with informal online test, certifies you to practitioner status using the Healing InSight method.

Please familiarise yourself with the method before attending the course. Any questions or insecurities can be mopped up on the training.

Course Content

Practical Requirements:      3 case studies including – advanced method plus manifestation process submission.

Module 1: Understanding in Depth The HI System

  • The dance of energy: Wuji, tai ji, yin yang, qi – the emptiness principles and finding balance with the lemniscate, amidst duality.
  • Belief, thought, intention and the field – a quantum look at possibilities for healing.
  • Recognising and moving through resistance.

Module 2: Becoming a Practitioner – Holding the Space for Possibility.

  • We ARE love: The souls desire to know itself as love.
  • Understanding and supporting the ego.
  • Creating rapport.
  • The ego-less self and the art of listening.
  • Rogers Core Conditions and principles for a therapeutic relationship. Non-verbal cues.
  • Gestalt principles – the ‘I – thou’ relationship.
  • Capturing the limiting beliefs and stories that keep people stuck – Digging deeper.
  • NAT’s.
  • Empathy, sympathy and authenticity.
  • Being with what is – while holding possibility for something new – Placebo.

Module 3: HI – Practical Application and Considerations

  • Working with muscle testing others.
  • Guiding and facilitating.
  • Mirror neurons, observing and trusting your intuition.
  • Hidden gains.
  • Timing & the digital age (working on-line).
  • Ab-reactions and risk mitigation.
  • Frequently asked questions from clients.
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements – insurance, GDPR, record keeping (uniformity of language (what is HI) templates).
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Course Content Blue Level

This extra day of training facilitates a deeper understanding and teaches the skill of manifestation, supporting your readiness for clients and familiarity with the manifestation process.

Blue Level practitioner training enables familiarisation in the therapeutic tool of ‘allowing’. It offers a deeper understanding of the ‘law of attraction’, teaches more about assisting others to release resistance within the heart, heart and gut, and supports you with steps to the manifestation of your successful practice.

Module 1: Law of Attraction – Vibration and the Manifestation Process

  • Principles of the law of attraction – vibrational resonance and the power of ‘the now’.
  • Vibration and emotion, the power of acceptance, observing and allowing.

Module 2: Belief Alignment with Manifesting a Successful Practice.

  • Self-belief, confidence, creating success stories.
  • Belief work for manifesting a successful practice.
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Course Training Options and Support

The course is usually taught as a two day Green Level Practitioner Training, with the third Blue Level Manifestation Practitioner day, taught at another time.

When teaching in away locations, there is a four day pathway for yellow self-help followed by the practitioner training, with the blue level added as an extra day which can be taught in a live-online forum. This is usually over the course of two 3 hour sessions Saturday and Sunday with time for breakout practice with each other.

It is possible to learn the yellow self help program via the online training portal and join in the practitioner training in person. We can have a chat prior to booking to ensure that you are familiar with the method and its possibilities.

There will be two live-online practitioner programs a year if you wish to join from another country. These will be in two-three hour modules with breakout practice with each other through zoom. In order to gain certification through this route, you will already need to be practicing therapeutically with another complementary therapy modality, or hold a counselling or like certification. They will be scheduled from 6.30-9.30pm UK time, mainly to accommodate the USA/Canada time zones, and an early morning start in NZ/Australia.

Support and connection with the community as we build, are available through the facebook group, or the orange monthly live-online membership call, on the last Sunday of each month, UK 7.30-9pm.

Training Dates

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October – Live Online Green Level Practitioner Training.

Sunday 1st November – Live Online Blue Level Manifestation Practitioner Training.

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