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Being in alignment, is the place from which to manifest your dreams. ‘Working with Chakras for belief change’ is a journey in itself sharing, from experience, Nikki’s golden keys to healing, empowerment and liberation. It discusses the science behind energy psychology, morphic fields and intention, plus teaches everything you need to know in order to learn and use the method.

The method itself is then given in the book, including 28 beliefs per chakra and how to muscle test yourself to find your priority alignments.  With resources and case studies, the 5 star reviewed book, just launched 8/8/19 in the UK and globally, is helping people find emotional freedom and liberation from old belief structures. If you’re looking for a tool to give you vibrational shifts into a feeling good state – it is here!

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Book Launched!

The book launch party this year saw the celebration of the book into the market, available in the shop, through the publishers, Findhorn Press, and Inner Traditions, as well as some Waterstones stores, local bookstores and further afield – Nikki even found the book stocked in Vancouver, Canada!
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