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I find that integrating energy psychology and healing work into my psychology practice is highly effective. The process of therapy involves a flow of communication, expression, discovery and clearing what does not serve us, enabling room for our true authentic magnificent selves to shine.

As an intuitive natural healer, trained in various modalities and a chartered counselling psychologist, I am equipped to help most people through their struggles. I practice to the highest standards of integrity and duty of care. I have been in private practice since 2008 having chartered in 2004. My background has been in mental health, drug dependency, trauma and women’s therapy. My special interest is in spiritual emergence and heart-centred work.

Energy work is by invitation and your full permission and consent is required in order to proceed. Although these modalities are not mainstream psychology, there is much research and evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of energy psychology methods. As science evolves and interest into the quantum field develops, the bridge between science and spirituality is becoming firmly established. See my newly published book for further information!

I have separated the different modalities that I have trained in below for your information, each are valuable and effective and will suit different people for different purposes at different times. In session, we will be intuitively led to what will work best for you.

Can therapy help me?

We are all faced with difficult struggles and emotions at times in our lives. Most we work through but some leave us feeling trapped and unable to see a way forward.

Are you feeling stuck in the same familiar emotions and patterns?

Are you experiencing emotional, mental or physical dis-ease?

Are your relationships suffering?

Do you have fear around stepping into being your greatest, magnificent self?

Are you out of alignment with your heart and souls expression and just need a little help right now?”

I can help with:

Abuse | Anger | Anxiety | Bereavement | Bipolar Disorder | Birth Trauma | Confidence | Couple’s Work | Dependency/ Addiction | Depression | Eating Disorders | Fatigue | Ill Health/ Disease | Obsession-Compulsion | Post Traumatic Stress Disorder | Pain | Panic | Phobias | Relationship Difficulties | Self Esteem | Self Harm | Spiritual Awakening | Stress (Life & Work) | Trauma.

Unresolved stress and emotion can manifest in the disease of our minds and bodies, life and relationships. Working energetically with emotion and beliefs is the key to freeing ourselves from our familiar feelings, patterns and outcomes and to connecting to our truth, our soul essence and authenticity.

People can be nervous about ‘seeking help’. Be reassured that your liberation is the greatest gift you can give yourself and done in the right way, therapy can truly be both a treasure and a pleasure.

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Counselling Psychology Services

Counselling offers you a safe space to explore your personal journey and reveal the limitations that you unconsciously place on yourself – unconsciously, of course, due to our conditioning and biological need for survival and belonging.

Exploration, with a little intuiting, helps us to understand the relational dynamics that may be showing up in your life and allows us to to truly honour the single most important relationship that you will ever have; your relationship with you. Self love and self-mastery are key to our well-being and success.

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Energy Psychology Services

Energy Psychology (or Energy Therapy) is growing field driven out of the ‘new science’ of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and quantum physics. As science advances our understanding of the ‘bodymind’, energy points, kinesiology, intention and more, it becomes more apparent that these approaches to well being are the way forward for a healthy mind, body and life.

The following Bruce Lipton film clip explains these scientific developments: The Tapping Solution Also watch this must-see clip: why Energy Therapy has potential to free our mind, heal our body and re-new our lives! Energy Psychology integrates beautifully into Nikki’s Counselling Psychology Practice. After discovering and exploring the processes and patterns that are causing disruption or blocked energy and unhelpful experiences, energy psychology is very helpful to use for the actual ‘change’ process.

Nikki is trained in and practices: EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique), including the advancement Matrix Reimprinting, Psych -K® and the Healing InSight® Method.

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Energy Healing

“The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” Albert Einstein

Healing transcends and passes beyond what we see and know to be true or possible, but just because we can’t fully understand it’s properties, does not mean that it is not real. Healing has touched many of Nikki’s clients lives in ways in which they never realised could be possible. It works on the quantum level which directly effects our physical, internal and external reality. We do not journey alone. Help is at hand.

Nikki is a natural healer, trained in the following various modalities: Theta DNA Healing, which uses source level healing to transform belief and more, Spiritual healing/ Reiki; where we hand over to spirit/ universal benevolent energy, angelic, star beings and/or ascended masters who heal through the channel of Nikki for the clients highest good, and Geneline Therapy; which addresses the vibrational tone of emotion that is stored in the body as a result of unresolved (possibly ancestral) trauma and stress.

See more about Energy Healing methods

Belief Change with Psych-K® or Healing InSight®

Belief change is key to our well being. If we wish to move beyond ‘what is’, telling the same stories and repeating old experiences, we need to tell a different story, have new dialogue and change our behaviours. This is all driven from the subconscious mind, the storehouse of the past, that governs our perceptions, thoughts, behaviours and therefore our experiences.

Both Psych-K® and Healing InSight® are helpful to assist with this process. They are different systems and both useful. Psych-K® can be quick and effective, is more practical with different change processes, and also has a number of advanced balances for deeper alignments and healing. Healing InSight® is a more intuitive process, created to be a self-help method for your empowerment, enabling you to release wounds and old energy as you align with the New. Healing InSight® is an in-depth process that digs, through muscle testing, into chakra oriented layers of beliefs, which helps when we are unsure of our blocks.

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Fees and Sessions

For any therapy service:


  • 55 minute session – £90.
  • 85 minute session – £120.


  • 55 minute session – £120.

Cancellations with more than 24 hours notice are charged at 50% unless we can re-schedule within the working week.

Less than 24 hours notice of cancellation will incur the full fee.

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