What is Psych-K®?

Psych-K ® uses muscle testing and left and right hemispheric brain integration techniques and processes to install new beliefs, freeing your mind from limiting beliefs. This is a lovely powerful technique that provides deep foundational change gently and effectively.

I have been using Psych-K with clients for over ten years with success. The Beliefs that we hold about ourselves and the world carry an energetic vibration. If we think that we are bad, we are likely to feel bad about ourselves, and this then gets noticed in our interactions with others. Try this experiement to see how this works:

Repeat out loud x3: “I am unworthy and I’ll never amount to anything”. Notice how you feel, notice the energy that this statement carries, notice your body language. How might you behave if you feel this way? What might others notice about this energy that you carry? How might they respond to this energy?

Now repeat out loud x3: “I am worthy of the best that love and life have to offer”. How do you feel now? Is your energy changing? How might you act differently now? How might others respond to you now?

Repeating positive affirmations is helpful when done with intent, as is challenging our unhelpful thoughts and assumptions but there may be resistance in your sub-conscious to allowing these thoughts and energetic vibrations into your bodymind. E.g. you may think, “I can say that but I don’t believe it”. Psych-K® (and the Healing InSight Method®) uses a variety of advanced balances or methods, to work with the sub-conscious to make lasting change quickly and easily, shifting how you feel so you actually believe the new statement to be true. This shifts the energy that you carry with you into your relationships and interactions with both yourself and the world.

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Advanced Psych-K® Balances

Relationship Balance

If a person is causing stress in your life and therefore body, along side belief work, the Relationship Balance can identify the areas of weakness and bring this into balance so that you are unlikely to be triggered into stress response, helping you to be less emotional, see your interactions more clearly and make better choices.

Core Belief Balance

The Psych-K Core Belief Balance comprises of a process of bringing into alignment a whole series of self and life affirming beliefs that once adopted will allow you to show up in the world, feel safer, and more effectual. This is a beautiful transformational balance that will require an appointment time of 1.5 hrs.

Rapport and Language Preference Balances

These balances help you to communicate and be in rapport with others more easily. We all have language preference styles of either kinesthetic words, visual, auditory, olfactory or gustatory words. Some styles of language will cause stress in our systems which may result in us breaking rapport, not listening or getting frustrated. These balances help us to maintain rapport or communication and feel more present with others. Maybe there is a significant other that you switch off from? This could be the reason. These balances are particularly helpful for improving work relationships.

Stress Release Balance

The stress release balance is usually used for circumstances when there has been a particularly stressfull situation or trauma that is still effecting you. If you would like to take the stress out of a particular memory or issue, the stress release balance does not require talking, and allows you the opportunity to process the event privately and safely, while whole brained (ie. while being in contact with both your rational and emotional brain), giving your brain the opportunity to process the story, pictures and fears. This allows your brain to organise the memory and file it away as it would a non-stressful memory.

Life Bonding Balance

The life bonding balance is a process that you would be guided through to help you literally to bond with life, here, now. This is useful for anyone that is struggling with showing up in the world, or anyone who is fearful of death. The process allows you to work through your own birth and anticipatory fears of death. The result of this work is a sense of being more at peace with your existence here which is useful in helping you to move towards fulfilling your life purpose.

“The ‘secret to life’ is BELIEF. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives. Psych-K is a simple, self-empowering process to change your beliefs and perceptions that impact your life at a cellular level.” Bruce Lipton, Ph.D Cellular Biologist, author of Biology of Belief

Psych-K® in London, Surrey and West Sussex, UK

Nikki Gresham-Record practices Psych-K® in Midhurst West Sussex and Richmond, near London, UK.

I often see people weekly for 6-12 sessions depending upon the need and client history. Then people tend to move to fortnightly or monthly. Profound changes can take a little adjustment and frequently, lasting changes are noticed when you have an awareness of your own patterns and behaviours and integrate your changes into your everyday, engaging in new healthful ways of being. Psych-K® can be integrated well into counselling or used along EFT and the Healing InSight Method.

Get in touch to discuss and check availability; sessions can be booked up, so don’t delay.

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