Online Healing InSight® Course

You can learn the Healing InSight® Method, at your own pace, in your own time, with this series of supportive and informative videos, that teach the self help belief change method.

You will be walked through the science behind why the method works, taught everything that you need to know, including how to muscle test and how to find stillness/emptiness through qigong practice. Then you will be taught the Healing InSight® method; the simple alignment method, advanced process, manifestation process, the forgiveness protocol, and also how to use the muscle testing to work through the chakras to identify and bring vibrational belief alignment to create emotional freedom.

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Gain emotional freedom, liberation and empowerment.

The Healing InSight® Method is designed to free you from the emotional discomfort of subscribing to beliefs that do not serve you. If you believe that you are unworthy of love or success, or have a fear of failure and rejection, because you are believing in your inadequacy, this effects your behaviours and makes you feel and experience ‘unloved’, or ”unsuccessful’. This new paradigm shifting healing system utilises principles of energy healing to set you up for the potential to release resistance to change.

We ALL carry old programs and structures within the mental bodymind that lay down onto the emotional body. These structures inform us of our ego-driven separation, that essentially is concerned with our survival and individuation. When we free ourselves of limiting beliefs and release the vibration associated with the old thought form and belief structures, we feel emotional freedom. The old emotion previously associated with ‘feeling unworthy’, for example, no longer has a resonance in the body – the old structures have made way for the new. The online training teaches the method in full, gives you an understanding of what to do in order to allow the old beliefs and emotional charge to release so that you can realign with another potential from the collective field, building resonance with this new vibration and possibility.

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What can I expect?

Liberation from the pain and triggers of the mind and emotions that keep me limited.

Freedom within

New experiences and possibilities in my everyday life

Feeling better, feeling lighter

Thinking more positively and being kinder and more loving to myself

Please note: this only comes through using the method, the more you use it to transform your pain points, the more freedom and possibility you will feel and experience.

Resistance WILL come up, it does, the ego is here to protect you from the belief structures that are already in existence. The ones based upon separation, war, greed, power over and lack. This is an invitation to create something new and different, which means opening to the possibility that something else is possible and then creating that very possibility as experience. We are the creators in this way of our reality. What we focus upon grows. Re-write the programs and choose love, choose liberation, choose connection, oneness, this is the calling upon the Earth. This is a New Earth modality to assist us with this collective shift. Join me and many others in this transition. Give yourself the gift of Healing InSight.

I choose love, freedom and empowerment

Can it work for you?

The method is a standard protocol based upon ancient spiritual practice, research and psychology. It has worked for everyone that has used it. Sometimes it is straight forward, sometimes it takes a longer time to work through the layers, but if you say yes to yourself and to the new alignment, you will get there.

It is created for anyone who is willing to do the inner work. We know that when we change the energy on the inside, our physical body reflects these shifts, we feel better, and our outside world reflects the changes back to us. You will notice that you respond differently, behave and feel differently. Obviously, the more you use the method, the more shifts you feel. It is a journey, not a destination, joy is experienced in the ‘now’. Challenging and reframing and realigning our beliefs, opens and literally creates the new reality that we are collectively seeking.

The search for happiness, is an inside job. Shift the beliefs, the perceptions and free yourself from guilt, shame, anger, separation, and make way to experience higher vibrations, to experience love for life, self, and other. The method gives a quick shift on stubborn old beliefs, the more you use it, the lighter you feel. Our pain is often a disconnect from who we truly are, our soul self or inner being. The method is here to serve in this re-connection, through accessing that precious space in which transformation occurs, using intention, attention, hemispheric brain integration, release, re-alignment and visualisation (developing intuition). I did it – many others have, and so can you!

If you need ongoing support, there are Healing InSight Practitioners who can work in-person or via Skype, plus there is a live-online platform coming soon for the community of Healing InSight subscribers asking for more connection and support.


Course content details

  • Preliminary Material
    • Welcome! Know thyself, love thyself.
    • Why change your beliefs?
    • Morphic fields for health and well-being.
    • The subconscious mind as a tape player.
    • Who you are not – triggers and the experiences of duality.
    • Energy and vibration is All That Is – The law of attraction.
    • Triune brain theory – oneness within.
  • Tools and Techniques
    • Muscle testing – your feedback and navigation tool.
    • Tending to emotion as information.
    • Identifying unhelpful beliefs.
    • Developing a healthy belief statement.
    • Learning the principles of qigong and teaching of the movement.
    • Resistance, release, re-alignment and resonance.
    • Acknowledging, allowing, observing and inner-tuition.
  • The Healing InSight Simple Method
    • Learning the permission statements.
    • Activating the hemisphere’s of the brain in relation to the desired belief.
    • The realignment process.
    • Belief embodiment visualisation.
    • Grounding and planting the new belief.
    • Testing/ confirming your shift.
    • The manifestation process.
  • Learning The Advanced Method.
    • Introduction to the advanced method – why dig deeper?
    • The process of discovery – finding your priority belief.
    • The advanced method process.
    • Testing/ confirming the shift and visualisation.
    • The manifestation process.
  • Advanced Method & Manifestation Process Demonstrations
  • Working With a Life Issue
    • A ‘known’ life issue process.
    • An ‘unknown’ life issue process.
    • Demonstration.
  • The Forgiveness Protocol
    • Why forgiveness and where to start?
    • Forming your forgiveness statement.
    • Learning the forgiveness protocol for inner and outer freedom.
    • Demonstration.
  • Summary
    • Summary of the methods.
    • Practical tips for using the method going forward.
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Frequently asked questions...

How long do I have access to the online course?

The course will be available for lifetime access, so you can work through it at your own pace. I do recommend that you give yourself a full weekend, or five regular two-hour windows to complete the material and practices.

What if I’m unhappy with my purchase?

After you have watched the material, you are free to request an 80% refund, as long as you are happy to give feedback on why the material didn’t work for you. You will be given a refund regardless of reasons, the feedback is requested so that we can adapt the training and learn as we go. Please note the training program is self-help, so you will need motivation and willingness to use the system in order to see and feel the benefits.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We will endeavour to respond to emails as quickly as we can. For questions please use nikki@healinginsight.co.uk. Paid membership and yellow level courses, allow access to the Healing InSight FB group, where units of ‘help, information, resources and support’ can also be found. Plus, this is an open forum for those who are using and working the system for their own personal transformation.

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