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Healing Insight offers a way to find liberation from disempowerment; freedom from limitations, lack and older limiting or self-depreciating beliefs; freedom from that which makes up the old paradigm of control and separation. By transforming beliefs in the sub-conscious mind the method assists in raising your consciousness, deepens your connection to heart-based living and empowers you to step into your possibilities.

The book and the course offer ‘go-to’ tools for daily life, allowing you to free yourself from those patterns, journey to a better feeling state and uniquely and tangibly align yourself with positive life-enhancing beliefs and vibration. Differing levels of engagement provide community, membership, practical examples and even routes into becoming a practitioner, mentor or trainer.

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Chakra Cards for Belief Change: The Healing InSight Method Cards

A transformative card deck and guidebook for creating positive change using high-vibration chakra imagery and belief affirmations.

  • Includes 56 full-color cards, each featuring a main chakra image or chakra-aspect image along with chakra-related beliefs and affirmations for energetic realignment.
  • The accompanying guidebook describes how to use the cards for therapeutic guidance and inspiration or as part of the Healing InSight Method for belief change.
  • Explains how to select cards to identify the beliefs we need to work on or to help us become a vibrational match with the belief or life experience we desire.
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Working with Chakras for Belief Change - The Healing InSight® Method

Nikki’s highly regarded book offers the complete Healing InSight® method, plus healer wisdom and insight to assist in your own remembering and alignment of the infinite potential that you are.

This ‘how to’ tool kit facilitates liberation from the old unhelpful programs and thought or behavioural patterns that govern our lives. With case studies, background science, the method and resources; you can ready yourself to realign by using the Healing InSight belief change method. The book also contains the chakra oriented belief charts and card images.

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Red-Level: Online Resources

Just £10 gives you access to a wealth of resources to help with your Healing InSight® journey. The practical tools include videos of the method and infinity harmonising movement and ways to understand and work with resistance. You’ll also find qigong practice and meditations that help you to align with the emptiness that assists with release of energetic distortion.

Special offer: Purchase the Red-level Membership together with the book to get a 70% discount off the full resources price!

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Orange-Level: join the online community

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Our online community memberships offers a platform to connect and be inspired; to develop your own practice, to learn more about belief work, raise your vibration and point toward self-mastery.

Join and be a part of the community who are ‘being the change they wish to see in the world’, and being supported through that journey with zoom calls, card readings and more.

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Yellow-level: The Healing InSight® self-help course

Available as online or in-person workshops this course supports you in working through the method outlined in the Healing InSight® book. If you’re a visual learner or want a little more support and guidance in learning the method, this training is for you.

Be taken on a deep dive into the method, learn how to uncover and clear your limiting beliefs and align with beliefs of your choosing. You will also be shown how to access a better feeling state and change your vibrational frequency.

If you’d like to become a practitioner, you’ll need to have first worked through this course.

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Green and Blue-Level: Become a practitioner

This profound new system is a great way for any complimentary health practitioner to incorporate transformational mental and emotional support into their work. Discover tools to assist clients through their own empowering journey – including the process of identifying and releasing unconscious resistance to growth and expansion – enabling alignment with new belief and vibration.

These achievable and accessible courses are available both online or in-person; additional practitioners and teachers of this new modality are always welcome to bring the possibility of healing across the globe. Healing InSight® is a CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) approved School of Excellence, which enables the teaching of our certified program.

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