Member’s Newsletter for January 2021

The energetic field is looking challenging on many levels and what is presented as real is often an illusion. The time is now for us to be with the inner self and navigate the external from this perspective. Tapping into our inner truth and coming back to the basics of self-care, gentleness, grace, and kindness with self and other are important.

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Orange Member’s May Newsletter

Next call (Sunday, May 24th): Success vs failure. Being the truest aspect of yourSELF and releasing rejection. As I contemplate the theme set for this month, the understandings of success and failure strike me as being important. How do we navigate these times of immense personal and collective growth and do we allow our fears,

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June 2020 – Membership Newsletter – From Trigger to Happy

Upcoming June call: Addressing triggers and wounds – shadow work dive, allowing and releasing judgement Hello dear friends, It made me laugh as I came to write this and looked at the theme I had set. I was just having a WhatsApp conversation with my in-laws family around “do we or don’t we wear masks,

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26 July 2020 – Orange Level Member call: Harmonising the masculine and feminine part 1

Harmonising the masculine and feminine part 1: healing the inner feminine. While we were planning to step away from the topic – healing the divine feminine, it came right back in. We took a bit of inspiration from the following cards; freedom, instincts and greatness, did a clearing meditation around 26 minutes in for half

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Orange Level Newsletter, August 2020

Love and hugs, dear one. As it is heating up here in the UK, it also feels like limbo, waiting to see what will happen next. So rather than waiting, I’m encouraging all to get into creating. “Power-over” structures bring us into our topic for this month’s call as we look at the masculine, the patriarchy;

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Orange members’ newsletter, September 2020

Hello beautiful beings! Full of love today, so a good time to write and share some bounty with you all! Just looking at the plan for our meeting on September 27th, we’re touching on the big one – “Who am I? – exploring and embracing the whole self, hitting the pure void of surrender”. Well,

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Orange member’s newsletter – October 2020

Members Call on 25th October:Nurturing creativity – allowing stillness, inspiration, intuition and expression. What a lovely theme for us to explore this month and strangely appropriate that we allow ourselves that inner well of nourishment and allow the inspiration to flow at this time. It was the very allowing of creativity that seeded the Healing

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Orange member’s newsletter – November 2020

No-one likes to think of themselves as a victim, and yet, whenever we place blame, wherever we give our self-worth, choices, freedoms, happiness over to another, we are playing out a victim consciousness.

First I want us to understand that we have been programmed by our society to be victims, ‘lesser than’ or helpless in many ways. Our spiritual and personal freedom, and our sovereignty, are naturally restricted by the society in which we live. If we remember that we swallowed these beliefs and programs as a child, having absorbed much of what we were taught, we can innerstand that we are children of conditioning to a society that would prefer us to be compliant, non-questioning and to ‘just follow the rules’. We are expected to trust that figures of authority — those who are educated, those that ‘govern’ — know what is best for us.

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December 2020 Member’s Newsletter

December (and November) sure has felt like an inward journey. I truly do feel like we are birthing a new age and do believe the 21/12/20 was a significant portal date for embodiment of the new. This is just the beginning, and with any significant shift, we often feel worse before we feel better as the body continues to clear density.

I was due to hold a couple of public meditations on the 21st and so went through my own internal preparations on the lead up – then suddenly, Christmas is here and not an easy one to navigate so here we are on Boxing Day with my thoughts turning to… “Oh no, we’re due our Healing InSight call tomorrow and I haven’t even sent out the newsletter yet!!”

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February’s Membership Share

First, a thank you for joining me on the very first Healing InSight call. I am a firm believer in collaboration and group healing. Together we created a beautiful field for the receptivity of Divine love. Here’s the recap of suggested important beliefs for self-love – the key to our ascension. You can muscle test

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Case Study 2—Sophia

Sophia had been let down by a string of men in her life, beginning with her Dad, Step Dad, boyfriend and then husband. Searching for love and to know her worth Sophia has been on an incredible journey of awakening and self love but the desire to still find love from her ex-husband, who had

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Case Study 3—Andy

CASE STUDY: ANDY Andy explored and muscle tested to find several limiting beliefs that were being played out in his life, causing him to feel inadequate and disempowered. He was ‘afraid of wasting people’s time’ and ‘afraid of getting in the way of other people’s success, especially at work’. Andy muscle tested positively for (ie. he believed to

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