Enabling self-healing

Healing InSight’s profound new system guides you to ‘help yourself’ into a better feeling state. It’s more than just affirmations, the method actively directs you to your personal priority belief statements and facilitates your vibrational realignment. This enabling of belief change through various energy healing and energy psychology principles can positively transform your beliefs and your life.

The method can be used as ‘go-to’ tool for daily life or for immersion in deep healing. It enables an exploration of your unconscious programs, allowing limits or blocks you are unaware of to come into consciousness and be released. This means you do not need to know what is holding you back – the system helps you find the perfect alignment to release resistance and allow expansion.

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Can it work for you?

Yes! It’s created for anyone who is willing to do the inner work and is a standard protocol based on ancient spiritual practice, research and psychology. The method gives a quick shift on stubborn old beliefs – the more you use it, the lighter you feel. It’s effective and has consistently helped people achieve positive belief change.

Change the energy on the inside and your physical body reflects these shifts; you feel better and your outside world reflects the changes back to you. You respond differently, behave and feel differently. Shift the beliefs and perceptions, free yourself from guilt, shame, anger and separation, and make way to experience higher vibrations and to experience love for life, self, and other.

Pain is often a disconnect from who we truly are, our soul self or inner being. The Healing InSight® method serves in this re-connection, accessing that precious space in which transformation occurs, using intention, attention, hemispheric brain integration, release, re-alignment and visualisation (developing intuition). I did it – many others have, and so can you!

If you need ongoing support, Healing InSight practioners can work in-person or by Skype. There’s also a live-online platform coming soon, linking the community of Healing InSight subscribers asking for more connection.

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How Healing InSight works

The system uses a series of chakra-related affirmations together with specific bodywork exercises to bring about healing. The key here is the practice of combining ‘emptiness and allowing’ with the infinity harmonising movement and a focused intent. Together these enable the resistance to being the greatest version of yourself to arise and release, facilitating alignment and resonance with the New. It’s this vibrational resonance with the New that calls in, through your point of attraction, new experience in your everyday life.

Nikki helps you discover where unhealthy beliefs may have taken root, release resistance and change and realign your beliefs to open up the possibility for change. In doing this she draws on kinesiology, the ancient spiritual practice of qigong, whole-brain integration, visualisation and infinity symbol exercises as well as her practical knowledge of energy and psychology.

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The birth of Healing InSight

The Healing InSight® method began as an idea for a series of seven chakra drawings and affirmations that would support clients to progress their healing journey between sessions. Nikki then received the message that she would bring through beliefs to help assist with the New Earth paradigm shift, and that is what happened. Nikki began to channel chakra-oriented beliefs for what was thought to be a card deck and then, in meditation, she was shown the change process itself.

From this she developed a technique that takes the possibility of personal transformation beyond her personal practice and extends that healing potential to anyone. Her book ‘Working with the Chakras for Belief Change’, published in 2019, allows people to use the method for themselves to change beliefs in the subconscious mind and enable deep personal transformation. Nikki’s own personal journey through auto-immune disease and healing from lupus has shown her the importance of self-empowerment and liberation in one’s own healing journey. Her passion is in sharing this gift of self-healing. Although created for release of old programs, self-realisation, health, happiness, and spiritual awakening, manifestation is an exciting consequence of the method.

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