Transformational Butterfly with Chakras

The Healing InSight® Belief Change Method

Healing InSight’s profound new system aims to transform unhelpful beliefs in the subconscious mind, raising your vibration and grounding new ways of being through the body-mind-spirit union.

The system uses a series of chakra-related affirmations together with specific bodywork exercises to bring about healing. Nikki draws on kinesiology, the ancient spiritual practice of qigong, whole-brain integration, visualisation and infinity symbol exercises as well as her psychology training to help you discover where unhealthy beliefs may have taken root, release resistance and change and realign your beliefs to open up the possibility for change.

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The Book

The Healing InSight® Method provides a gentle, energetic, yet potentially life-changing tool for personal growth and development. Easy to learn and to apply, the system offers the potential for radical transformation.

‘Working with Chakras for Belief Change’ offers healing insights and offers both a simple and a more advanced belief realignment approach, allowing a quick application as well as the possibility to dive in deeply to establish more substantial healing and change in your life.  Case studies, resources and a life-review process help you take stock of your situation and complement this comprehensive book.

Nikki shares the complete method in the book, plus insights gained from her own successful healing journey, awakening and work as a healer, intuitive and psychologist. The book is supported by an online course to walk you, with a series of videos, through the method, including everything you need to know as a complete beginner to energy work. If you’re a light worker or way shower, or simply know there is more and want to choose that for yourself – the method can offer you personal transformation, aligning you with your priority belief alignments through the chakras, or with beliefs of your choosing.

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Workshop dates announced!

Join Nikki to learn how to identify limiting beliefs and re-align vibrationally with beliefs that support the development of your true self and potential. Oriented around the Chakra System, the Healing InSight beliefs bring mind body spirit coherence for a brighter relationship with self, other and the world at large. 21st-22nd September – Self-Help Workshop, Richmond

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Celebrating Our Men in the Rebalancing of the Masculine and Feminine.

There is nothing so beautiful as watching my husband dote lovingly on our three year old son. Young children can really bring out the tenderness in men and it’s just lovely to watch. Rebalancing relationships Women have had a hard time standing up to be witnessed as the incredible beings that they are for centuries

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The Energetics of Belief Change in Raising our Vibration

If you have seen the video clip on Resistance, you will have understood that releasing resistance is a big part of gaining subconscious belief change. This is a written explanation of why it is necessary, because understanding these principles really helps the process of surrender to change. We exist in our thoughts most of the

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Forgiveness: Freedom from the Blame Game using Ho’oponopono

We all have people in our lives that we believe have ‘done wrong to us’, and as a consequence, we unconsciously become attached to the old story and pain. We adopt beliefs about ourselves, the world and others, through a heightened repeated stress response or through early childhood, that keep these stories running via the

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