Energy Psychology - Bridging the gap between science and spirituality

Energy Psychology (or Energy Therapy) is growing field driven out of the ‘new science’ of psychoneuroimmunology, epigenetics and quantum physics. As science advances our understanding of the ‘bodymind’, it becomes more apparent that these approaches to well being are the way forward for a healthy mind, body and life. The following Bruce Lipton film clip explains these scientific developments: The Tapping Solution

ACEP – The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology are making committed inways to representing the field of Energy Psychology within the research literature, making it an accountable and legitimate field for the return to wellbeing. They link here to the EFT zone for further articles and resources: https://www.eftzone.com

EFT (The Emotional Freedom Technique)

Meridian Acupuncture Points: Top of head, inside of eyebrow, outside of eye, underneath eye, under nose, (crease of) chin, collar bone, under arm, inside of wrist, fingers, karate chop

EFT (see EFT World Centre) is a simple, smart and effective self help tool that combines principles of ancient Chinese medicine with modern psychology. It works by tapping on meridian acupuncture points to unblock the disruption of flow in the bodies energy system that can cause negative emotion. EFT brings back emotional balance.

Sometimes before I come to belief work, I like to assist clients to release emotion that is difficult to process. When emotion feels ‘too much’ or one is unable to let go, EFT is a helpful tool to start to release emotion and sometimes to help reframe the situation that triggered the emotional response from a higher perspective. It usually will leave people feeling clearer, heard and understood.

It is helpful for emotional stress, fear, anxiety, phobias, addictions, trauma, pain, anger and addressing blocks to success and moving forward. As an intuitive empath, EFT is a great way for me to be able to help you get to the bottom of your issue.

The EFT points for reference are listed in the diagram here.

Matrix Reimprinting

This technique, developed by Master EFT Trainer Karl Dawson (see Matrix Re-imprinting in action), is a sophisticated and creative method for clearing emotional energy out of specific events and memories. It is useful for trauma, identifying where patterns first started and bringing resolution to painful and sometimes distorted memory imprints.

The client where guided, is invited as an adult, to step into a memory of their younger self to support them by clearing any trapped or unexpressed emotions and assists in re-processing the event to a satisfactory resolution for the child. The concept is that this event then remains changed in the field preventing further triggers to re-experiencing the emotion associated with the initial memory.

Healing InSight® for Belief Change

Healing InSight’s profound new system guides you how to ‘help yourself’ into a better feeling state. It navigates you by pointing a metaphorical compass at the belief alignments that will transform unhelpful beliefs in your subconscious mind.  So if you have limiting beliefs and conditioning, or haven’t aligned with positive life enhancing beliefs, the method can assist in clearing old vibration, reconnecting and aligning you with the part of you who knows love, your possibility, grounding new ways of being through the body-mind-spirit union.

The system uses a series of chakra-related affirmations together with specific bodywork exercises to bring about healing. The key here is the practice of emptiness and ‘allowing’ that with the movement and a focused intention, enables the resistance to being the greatest version of yourself to arise and release, enabling alignment and resonance with the New. It is this vibrational resonance that calls in through your point of attraction, insight and higher vibration, new experiences in every day life. Nikki draws on kinesiology, the ancient spiritual practice of qigong, whole-brain integration, visualisation and infinity symbol exercises as well as her psychology training to help you discover where unhealthy beliefs may have taken root, release resistance and change and realign your beliefs to open up the possibility for change.

In individual sessions, we can work through the method, teaching you as you go along for your own liberation and empowerment.

Learn more about Healing InSight®

Psych-K® for Belief Change

There are a number of ‘balances’ in Psych-K® that are used for changing beliefs in the subconscious mind. Psych-K® is helpful for changing one’s perception of reality and indeed our experiences, through the alignment of beliefs.

If we believe we can, we are lovable, safe, and so on, this impacts how we feel and behave. Muscle testing is used in Psych-K® to ascertain which methods to use and many ‘balances’ use techniques to enable you to become whole-brained. Psych-K® is useful for improving positive thinking and coaching, as well as for therapeutic use.

Learn more about Psych-K®

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