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I’ve put together a collection of resources, designed to help you further engage with the Healing InSight® method so you can even more easily achieve the transformation and freedom that is possible.

These resources can be enough to support you in using the book and building confidence in using the method for yourself. Some of them are also useful on their own, for mindfulness, meditative and self-healing practice.

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In the package

Designed to make the Healing InSight® alignment process more fluid and give a visual representation of the processes in the book, I have put together some qigong practices, meditations and demonstrations. Practicing these will bring the physical parts of the method into muscle memory and out of the mind, making the process easier). Also incuded are videos to give a little more guidance, and a case study demonstration.

(To build even greater confidence in using the method I’d highly recommend the Healing InSight® yellow-level self-help online course (includes these red-level resources) — there is no greater time for empowerment and change than ‘now’!)

Case studies

  • Write-ups and videos, demonstrating specific uses of the processes in the method


  • Video: Qigong; warm up, clearing and balancing.
  • Video: Infinity Harmonising Movement
  • Video: Working with resistance; the importance of surrender, intention and emptiness.
  • Video: Muscle Testing


  • Audio: Chakra balancing colour meditation
  • Video: Chakra harmonising movement meditation
  • Written: 3 further meditations and a getting started guide


  • PDF: The Live Review Questionnaire
  • PDF: The Forgiveness Protocol
  • PDF: The Method – flow chart (coming soon)

You’ll also gain access to each new red-level resource as it becomes available. The yellow level course also unlocks access to these red resources — available in your member’s area.

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The art of 'Letting Go'

Emptiness is an important and necessary part of the change process within the Healing InSight Method. This is taught and experienced through practicing qigong and the wuji standing position.

Letting go, of tension, of “stuff”— the energy distortions not in alignment with our inner being—is not always easy, but it is possible and the method facilitates this process for you. This way we move away from letting go being a mental activity, but a felt experience of unwinding and surrendering what is not ‘self’ and what no longer serves. Just like meditation, the art of surrender requires practice, particularly if your body has been in holding patterns for a long time. The meditations and qigong practices, when used frequently will help your body to learn how to surrender. Letting go means finding flow and this is where the magic happens!

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