Healing InSight® Certified Practitioner training


Become a certified Healing InSight practitioner!

Help others transform their limiting beliefs, and share this life-changing healing modality with the world.


Have you completed the Yellow Level course but not the workshop? You will need to book a refresher session with Nikki prior to attending this Practitioner workshop.

The training will take place on a Saturday, 2–6pm UK time; date to be confirmed.

If you have attended the live workshop (online or in-person), you are welcome (but not required) to attend.

Can't book?

This training is available to book for those who have completed the Yellow Level Self-Help training. If that's you, please log in to purchase.


Join with Nikki and existing practitioners, together with other practitioners in training, in a live online training weekend.

The live workshops invariably prove to be a powerful catalyst in each participant’s lives, and everyone takes away powerful tools to help others release blocks and realise their potential.

Become one of Healing InSight’s certified Practitioners, with a certificate of training, listing on the practitioner directory and official logos to advertise your new skills.

There is a pre-training refresher session on the weekend before which you may optionally attend if you have already completed a live self-help workshop. This must be completed if you haven’t done any live training yet. See details below.

You will receive:

  • pre-workshop training materials, including workshop manual
  • training workshop
  • post-workshop practitioner support, forms and resources
  • online informal assessment and submission of three case studies, on completion of training
  • certificate of training
  • placement in practitioner directory on the website
  • official logos to use on your practitioner materials.

Having completed a Yellow-Level live workshop (or online course plus a refresher session) is a pre-requisite.

Can I attend this training?

  • You need to have completed some form of Healing InSight Yellow-Level Self-Help training, either a live workshop or a pre-recorded course. You may also be required to attend a refresher session.

…if I haven’t done any of this training?

  • You can purchase and complete the pre-recorded course separately before the event.
    You will then need to attend the refresher session; see details above.

…if I have completed only the Self-Help pre-recorded course?

  • You will need to attend the refresher session (see above). Once you have taken this training you are eligible to attend.

…if I have attended a live Self-Help workshop (online or in-person)?

  • You are eligible to attend! You can optionally take the refresher session if you would like to.

About the Training

The Healing InSight complete practitioner training is an 18 hour three-day course, building upon the principles and content learned in the prerequisite yellow level training. The 2-day weekend Green-level course, plus submission of three case studies with informal online test, certifies you to practitioner status using the Healing InSight method.

Please familiarise yourself with the method before attending the course. Any questions or insecurities can be mopped up on the training.

Course Content

Practical Requirements:      3 case studies including – advanced method plus manifestation process submission.

Module 1: Understanding in Depth The HI System

  • The dance of energy: Wuji, tai ji, yin yang, qi – the emptiness principles and finding balance with the lemniscate, amidst duality.
  • Belief, thought, intention and the field – a quantum look at possibilities for healing.
  • Recognising and moving through resistance.

Module 2: Becoming a Practitioner – Holding the Space for Possibility.

  • We ARE love: The souls desire to know itself as love.
  • Understanding and supporting the ego.
  • Creating rapport.
  • The ego-less self and the art of listening.
  • Rogers Core Conditions and principles for a therapeutic relationship. Non-verbal cues.
  • Gestalt principles – the ‘I – thou’ relationship.
  • Capturing the limiting beliefs and stories that keep people stuck – Digging deeper.
  • NAT’s.
  • Empathy, sympathy and authenticity.
  • Being with what is – while holding possibility for something new – Placebo.

Module 3: HI – Practical Application and Considerations

  • Working with muscle testing others.
  • Guiding and facilitating.
  • Mirror neurons, observing and trusting your intuition.
  • Hidden gains.
  • Timing & the digital age (working on-line).
  • Ab-reactions and risk mitigation.
  • Frequently asked questions from clients.
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements – insurance, GDPR, record keeping (uniformity of language (what is HI) templates).


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