Healing InSight Bundle: Book + Cards + Self-help Course

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Buy the book, the card deck, the video self-help course and the resources for an unbeatable price!

The Book

An easy-to-use therapy tool for transforming unhelpful belief patterns and envisioning positive change.

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The Self-Help Course (online)

This online version of the self-help training course walks you through the healing system, from start to finish, equipping you with all you need to use the method for yourself.

The Resources

Receive access to a wealth of online resources to support you as you work through the Healing InSight method
- affirmation videos, case studies, meditations, qigong practises and more!


What’s included:

  • The book, Working with Chakras for Belief Change: The Healing InSight Method
  • The card deck, Chakra Cards for Belief Change
  • The online Healing InSight Yellow Self-Help Course, with over 7 hours of video tuition
  • The online Healing InSight Red Resources containing video, audio and written resources.