Join Nikki to learn how to identify limiting beliefs and re-align vibrationally with beliefs that support the development of your true self and potential. Oriented around the Chakra System, the Healing InSight beliefs bring mind body spirit coherence for a brighter relationship with self, other and the world at large.

Over the course of this two day workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify limiting beliefs and understand emotions
  • Review your life for areas of personal growth
  • Create supportive beliefs
  • Use muscle testing to discover your unconscious blocks
  • Use the Healing InSight Belief Change method
  • Use visualisation to heal and manifest
  • Attain heart head and gut coherence to make you a vibrational match to your desires – law of attraction made possible! 
  • Develop your intuition and relationship with yourself in the process

You will be gifted 147 beautiful beliefs to aid your alignment with a more balanced, healthy and happy you. The beliefs are organised into chakra theory and you will be taught how to use these to both identify and resolve your own life issues.

You will also be gifted as part of your workshop fee together with the belief booklet, a full training manual so you can practice this transformative belief change method in your own home.

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