There is nothing so beautiful as watching my husband dote lovingly on our three year old son. Young children can really bring out the tenderness in men and it’s just lovely to watch.

Rebalancing relationships

Women have had a hard time standing up to be witnessed as the incredible beings that they are for centuries in this patriarchal world and slowly but surely this imbalance is being addressed. Women are finding the courage to know their capabilities and strengths and are developing a belief in the possibility of equality. There’s a long way to go but we are celebrating women’s success which is no longer based upon needing to be like the alpha male in order to survive. Just as women are being given permission to be both soft and strong, the status quo and dynamics in male – female relationships are being re-addressed. This begs the question, what does this mean for our men?

Teamwork to make the dream work

I hear frequently through life and work with my male clients that women are rejecting the archetype of the domestic goddess and are expecting men to share in the family cooking, cleaning and childcare. I get it – believe me, but are we at risk of expecting too much and setting our men up to fail (while still expecting them to bring in the money, provide, protect, repair, romance, maintain, take the bins out etc). There’s no wonder that resentments can build up on both sides. Maybe it’s time that we advocate ‘teamwork to make the dream work’?

Happiest when we find our balance

There are masculine and feminine attributes in both men and women and we are actually happiest when we are in balance and not denying an aspect of ourselves because we have been conditioned by parents, peers or society to have to be a certain way. A good man is a work of beauty and art. He stands firm, yielding to the rising tides of his counterpart but remains still in his centre – a rock. We women don’t need our men to fix us or our problems, we need to be listened to and understood.

Grant permission to lead through kindness and compassion

While women desire connection, men represent and desire freedom, so let’s support our men to be great – to be balanced, sensitive, and give them permission to lead through kindness and compassion having fought the tiresome competitive fight for years. Because of these old conditioned patterns, many men have still assumed a ‘power over’ position with women which has created contraction and frustration for many, and an air of guilt and defensiveness underneath the veil for the masculine collective. Let us celebrate our men, and the struggle that they have endured to protect and provide. We all need liberation from the old roles, beliefs and expectation of what it is to be a man or a woman.

Celebrate each other’s attributes, gifts and qualities

The internal alchemy of the masculine and feminine brings much internal power and grace; the same exists within the masculine and feminine relationships. What would happen if we stopped needing each other to fulfil parts of ourselves that have been repressed and started celebrating each other’s attributes, gifts and qualities, enabling ourselves to be whole and integrated?

Balance restored for both sexes

This is our collective journey. Let’s all liberate each other from old expectations and roles—this is what’s required in the creation of the new Earth—balance restored for both sexes. The empowered divine feminine energy is now anchored in the earth’s plane. It’s assimilation time for both men and women. Allow, allow, surrender and allow. More love, more balance is upon us.

Nikki Gresham-Record

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