If you have seen the video clip on Resistance, you will have understood that releasing resistance is a big part of gaining subconscious belief change. This is a written explanation of why it is necessary, because understanding these principles really helps the process of surrender to change.

We exist in our thoughts most of the time, having experiences that are driven by our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is believed to be like a tape recorder, pattern matching cues from the environment to our past and playing back old programs defined by our core beliefs. Our core beliefs are imprinted upon the subconscious mind in early childhood (our first 7 years), and through repeated emotionally charged experience.

Our core beliefs in essence, create our realities, as they are the filters through which we perceive and operate within the world. If we believe something is so, we behave accordingly, informed by the subconscious programs that run effortlessly for us.

If we have been running negative programs, it is for good reason and we have an attachment to safety, ease and self-preservation due to our (or the ancestral, collective, or soul level) previous experiences. Stepping into love, empowerment, safety, possibility, success and so on , means releasing the cellular memories and echos of separation, disempowerment, unsafely, limitation, failure etc which ultimately means allowing them to come into consciousness, into the light, to simply be witnessed, accepted, acknowledged and released. It is important in this process to detach from the energies that we have been holding for many years. Just because we have been feeling old feelings and fearing these vibrations, does not mean that we need to keep feeling and fearing them.

Raising our vibrations

In order to gain release energetically, and re-write a new template reality, we must RAISE our vibration. This is easiest done by coming into emptiness. The more we use the qigong wuji stance and Surender as an empty vessel between heaven and earth, the more our own energy system comes into balance, we connect with oneness and energy can easily move through us. Belief change is a little like the dance of the yin and yang. We take on distortions from our family and wider culture, taking us out of balance, and in order to release them, we need to allow our subconscious mind, or body mind (as this largely involves the visceral feelings) to surrender them to the earth or heavens (cosmos), so we may find balance and equilibrium.

Focusing upon the elevated belief and its direction toward love, possibility, truth and so on, whilst practicing emptiness, allows the resistance (fear of this reality and attachment to the known unprefered reality) to surface into consciousness. If we can then maintain our state of surrender, we can allow the higher ‘unconscious mind’ to align us with the higher truth of who we are as eternal beings of light, consciousness itself.

Allow release and realign

Allowing release of any kind, tears, yawning, breath work, releasing muscle tension, jerking, shaking from the place of emptiness, without going into the old stories or creating resistance to them, brings us very quickly (while using the movement and activating the hemispheres of the brain) into realignment, ultimately with our higher mind or inner being. We are simply returning to self, less the previous distortions. All of us are worthy of love, compassion, kindness and inclusion.

As we realign and build a resonance to new expansive, loving beliefs, we achieve a complete shift in vibration. Belief change, enables us to raise our vibration, so that we may experience higher vibrational feeling states, such as joy, love, excitement and possibility.

Achieve alignment – your inner work is done

If we contemplate the theory that the external world is a mirror reflection of your internal state and the outside world is looking good, then you will know that you have done your inner work. The ultimate possibility arises when the subconscious mind, is in alignment with the higher mind, drawing toward you whatever your soul is wishing to create or experience.

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