Healing InSight Self-Help Training

Healing InSight® Self-Help Training online course

This online version of the self-help training course walks you through the healing system, from start to finish, equipping you with all you need to use the method for yourself.

£199.00 £144.00

Healing InSight® Self-Help Training in-person workshop

Identify and effectively re-program your limiting beliefs, to heal, align and manifest your possibility.

Join Nikki to learn how to identify limiting beliefs and re-align vibrationally with beliefs that support the development of your true self and potential. Oriented around the Chakra System, the Healing InSight beliefs bring mind body spirit coherence for a brighter relationship with self, other and the world at large.

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The yellow level training is a self-help healing modality to assist with the transformation of negative beliefs into positive ones in the subconscious mind. It is the transformation of these beliefs that releases emotion and allows for new experiences and new frequencies of vibration within our being.

By the end of this training you will be able to work with emotion to identify limiting beliefs, construct helpful belief statements and align with them energetically, enabling a full and coherent resonance with the new belief in your body and mind.


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