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Welcome! Know Thyself, Love Thyself


Welcome! I’m so delighted that you have chosen to say YES to yourself and your potential. The Healing InSight journey is one of self discovery, self-love and personal empowerment. It is my wish that you use the system frequently, whenever you need to elevate your frequency, shift an old limiting pattern and belief, and so begin creating and experiencing the New.

The program is delivered as a combination of video and written material and can be worked through in your own time. This truly is a gift for life. I will discuss resistance, as it is part of the ego’s structure to keep us in our old familiar territory, but for now, please know that it is very normal for resistance to come up. I urge you, to work through this. Make a commitment to yourself, carve out the time and learn the system. It really is very simple once you’ve cracked it. Then you have a tool for life to help create the reality template that you wish to experience in your life going forward. 

The Healing InSight system is a hugely successful manifesting tool, not sold as such, but it enables you to be a vibrational match to the affirmation or belief that you desire, then BAM! Law of attraction, shows what a powerful creator—once you’ve mastered your beliefs and thoughts, therefore feelings, vibration and reality—that you have become.

Taking the time to examine your innermost feelings, thoughts and desires, and then do the change work, enables you to come to know who you are. It is one of the most frequently heard statements that I hear from clients: ‘I don’t know who I am”.  We are conditioned to keep our feelings in, have often been overlooked, denied, and can feel like a nuisance, and self unimportant. You are important, always have been and always will be. You are the greatest masterpiece that you will ever get to work on. Honour yourself, give yourself the time and create magic!

Each time you take a look at how you feel and do something to change the lower vibrational feelings, you are participating in an act of self-love. You are choosing to see yourself, or the world in a better light. Each time to take the time to change a belief, you give yourself a gift, the possibility of a new experience. You come in time to know that you are deserving of the best possible experiences and outcome, that there is true abundance within, that you are inherently ‘love’ and that by nature you are formed in the eyes of the creator—indeed, you are an aspect of the Creator.

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